I am unable to attend, what are my options? 

1. Chop hunger was designed to have a home delivery component built in that we are calling a “pop-up restaurant,” where there is a lunch and dinner meal option made from dishes from Naomi Ross’ cookbook, The Giving Table (Long Island) and from Micah Seavers’ restaurant menu, Southern Red’s BBQ (Kentucky). The pop-up restaurant will deliver only in the borough of Manhattan. You have three delivery options on the ”Tickets” page.

2. You can make a donation towards feeding the needy at Masbia. Masbia is a 501 (c) 3 tax-deductible organization. Donations can be made directly through Masbia’s website here .

What is the difference between the pop-up restaurant and the Live Culinary Experience? 

You can partake in the pop-up restaurant in the comfort of your own home or office, anywhere throughout the borough of Manhattan, where you can order a fixed menu lunch or dinner made to give you a taste of the contrast of the two culinary worlds Chop Hunger IV is featuring. 

The live culinary event is an exclusive event in the social hall of the West Side Institutional Synagogue, where a high-end, 12 course meal and wine will be served while the chefs from Long Island and Kentucky will show you on stage how they each approach preparing the food.

How is Chop Hunger IV different from the past three Chop Hunger events?

While there will be chefs on a highly-animated stage, Chop Hunger IV isn’t a culinary competition to find a winner, but a juxtaposition of two different culinary worlds. Therefore, there are no judges. The entire audience gets to eat the food that is prepared on stage, which consists of 12 courses, each paired with wine. Everyone, including the audience, is a winner! Instead of being a buffet, it is a white-glove dining event. We also added a pop-up restaurant component. In addition, the location is different from previous Chop Hunger events.

How can I purchase tickets?

In order for Chop Hunger to properly prepare for the evening, please purchase a ticket before arriving at the event. All tickets should be purchased through the “Tickets” page here. All tickets might go offline twenty-four hours prior to the event or as soon as capacity is reached, so be sure to purchase them sooner rather than later. 

Can I purchase tickets by phone?


How much of the ticket purchase is tax-deductible?

The portion of the amount you will pay for your ticket that represents the cost of the event and the “goods or services” you received from Chop Hunger will not be tax-deductible and we will state the estimated amount on the receipt you will receive from Masbia.

Is parking available for the event?

We are in the process of getting valet parking set up. We will update this answer when we have further information. 

What will the Live Culinary event consist of?

Chop Hunger IV will feature a live cooking demo of two culinary worlds where Up North (Long Island) meets Down Home (Kentucky) for a delicious evening you won’t forget.

What can I expect at the dinner?

You can expect a delicious, 12-course, high end dinner with wine pairings, good times, and the knowledge that you joined in our efforts to feed the needy at Masbia.

I am interested in more information about Masbia.

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network provides emergency food to people in need due to financial status or because of natural disasters via ready-to-eat nutritious meals and raw groceries, free of charge. Read more about us on the main page here

 I would like to sponsor a part of the event – How can I contact Masbia?

For sponsorship opportunities, please call 866-9-MASBIA x203 and Mrs. Simi Ganzfried will assist you.