Chop Hunger III

Masbia Soup Kitchen Network’s Chop Hunger III, held in 2017, was a timed cooking challenge hosted by Emmy award winning TV producer, Chef Avi Levy of Avi’s Kosher Kitchen, featuring three executive chefs. They were Cyndi Stanimirov of Bison & Bourbon, Christian Jurado Benitez of Olive Tree, and David Benrey of The Harbour Grill. The judges were establishment owners Joshua Massin of both Nobo Wine & Grill and The Pasta Factory, Alex Reznik of Bedford Kitchen & Wine Bar NYC and Ditmas, Katsuji Tanabe of MexiKosher. The secret ingredient that each chef had to use in this competition was bronzini.

The event was buffet-style and featured traditional Rosh Hashanah dishes from around the world, making the event especially festive.