The Judges


Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

Joshua Massin 

Executive Chef/Owner of Nobo Wine & Grill and of The Pasta Factory, LLC (Photo by David Zimand)

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Cyndi Stanimirov

Executive Chef of Bison and Bourbon

Top Chefs, Humble Fare

David Benrey

Executive Chef of The Harbour Grill

Katsuji Tanabe

Executive Chef/Owner of Mexikosher

Naomi Nachman

The Aussie Gourmet


Featuring cutting edge Kosher cuisine and a "chopped" style competition with celebrity chefs and judges. 

To benefit the needy at Masbia, as featured in The New York Times.

Chop-Hunger 2017 

CityBizList:New Yorkers Will Help Chop Hunger With Culinary Fundraiser

Christian Jurado Benitez

​Executive Chef of Olive Tree

​​​​Over 2 Million Meals served last year, Masbia Soup Kitchen Network is where the rubber meets the road in the fight against hunger. We feed hot, nutritious meals to hungry men, women, and children. No statistics. No bureaucracy. No middleman. We deposit food in empty stomachs.

NYT: Campers Receive a Hands-On Lesson in the Tradition of Kosher Slaughter

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Masbia Soup Kitchen Network

The Contestants